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Bespoke Services

Designer Wallpapers & Fabrics


Providing high-end residential, contract, hospitality and apparel markets with designer wallpapers and bespoke fabrics.

We work with designers to bring their visions to life, if a client requires something unique or has specific requirements our team can undertake commissions, combining innovative original design with practicality, function and most importantly consideration for the end use.

From walling and drapery to couture garments, handwoven designs can be produced to your requirements. Allowing us to weave, re-colour and adjust the quality or style of threads used. We can even dip elaborate Zari threads into real karat gold or source unique fibres such as peacock feathers weaving this into the material.

We aim to create handcrafted luxury fabrics and finishes, becoming a designer’s playground. Our printed or hand embroidered designs can be re-produced on alternative base-cloths or re-coloured to your desire. Minimum order quantities will apply.

We are different to most manufactures in our approach to customisation work, our team can be as hands-on as you require, whether it’s to brain storm initial ideas or bring solutions to client’s ambitious needs to completion of your project.

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