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Unique, charismatic and effortlessly sophisticated, K Decor is the brand for those that seek expertise and creative integrity. As third generation silk weavers, instilled with a desire for art and luxury, our company’s methodology draws on various sources, including pioneering technology, contemporary design and access to historical archives.

Our fabric collections include rich handloom weaves, luxurious embroideries, opulent hand painted designs inspired by flora and fauna.

Offering high-end couture for interior furnishings, our designer’s eloquently draw inspiration from nature, putting together the initial sketches, layouts, colour selection to beautifully hand painted design commissions in various watercolour mediums and techniques.

The design team is a collaboration of talented designers and craftsmen. Combining the finest skills together creating lavish woven and printed fabrics. Our fusion of British flair with antique masterpieces and contemporary colour palettes create timeless interiors.

Our sister company Walltex UK, based on site has incorporated a brand new way of using textiles, allowing K Décor products to be elevated and taken to new heights with pioneering techniques to laminate fabrics with Paper, Fire Retardant Backings, Acoustic Foams to name a few.

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